Life & Times of John Edmond

Watch Your Step - Birdwatching - Episode 3

Birds are amazing, to watch and to listen to. 

Watch this video on the Secretary Bird and see what I mean: //

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Don‘t Go Away - Birdwatching - Episode 2

Every bird has a message, what do you hear?


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Do Your Checks - Birdwatching - Episode 1

Birds are a great part of everyday life, if you listen carefully, they can teach you things...


Watch the video Kick The Wheel

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Allerbeste Kinderliedjies & Nursary Rhymes - For The Kids - Episode 5

Stories is a great way for kids to learn and remember lessons.

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Story In The Sand - For The Kids - Episode 4

Tracks tell you when, where and why. Have a listen...

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Where The Elephants Go - For The Kids - Episode 3

It's hard to be humble


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Listen to the song: Where do the elephants go: //

Wild Wild Melon - For The Kids - Episode2

Animals know more than you think...

Watch the video; The Wild Wild Melon

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Mahobbahobba Tree - For The Kids - Episode 1

Be grateful for the gifts of nature

I hope you and your young ones enjoy listening to this series.


I Talk To The Trees - Typical Day In The Life Of John Edmond - Episode 4

This is the final episode of the series: A Typical Day In The Life of John Edmond

Next week I'll be talking about all things Game Rangers, see you then.


If you havent seen the video Big 5 Little 5, have a look at it here: //

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Guitars - Typical Day In The Life Of John Edmond - Episode 3

Where words fail; guitars speak


Check out the video Matabele Guitar: //

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