Life & Times of John Edmond

Troopiesongs Deluxe - Episode 3

John’ continued stints in Rhodesia and operational area, moral boosting and how more songs evolved and his first Troopiesongs album was recorded. 

Listen to "Blue Job" on your favourite platform CLICK HERE

Troopiesongs Deluxe

John’s first tour to the operational area of the Rhodesian Bush War in 1970 and
first experiences.

To listen to the song featured in this episode: "The Whistling Troopie Song" follow the YouTube link: //

Or stream it on your favourite platform/buy the CD: //

Troopiesongs Delux

Here is the start of another interesting series for you to enjoy. 

To hear the song that I am referring to; Daisy

Check out the Special Troopiesongs Deluxe Edition, Daisy will be track 11 on CD 2


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John Edmond & Ian Douglas Smith - Episode3

This is the last entry in the JE & IDS series. Tune in next week for the next series

John Edmond & Ian Douglas Smith - Episode 2

Episode 2 on the Ian Douglas Smith series, hope you enjoy it

John Edmond & Ian Douglas Smith - Episode 1

Follow me on the next 3 episodes where I introduce myself and Ian Douglas Smith

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